Camel ADV Rear Fuel Tank (CT-ATX)-RRP 820

Camel ADV Rear Fuel Tank (CT-ATX)-RRP 820
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Camel ADV Rear Fuel Tank (CT-ATX)-RRP 820 Camel ADV Rear Fuel Tank (CT-ATX)-RRP 820 Camel ADV Rear Fuel Tank (CT-ATX)-RRP 820

The Camel Tank idea was conceived during my a round the world motorcycle trip by the owner of CAMEL ADV, Cory Hanson,while he was riding through the deserts of Mongolia and Kazakhstan. Filling up with questionable looking gas out of pop bottles sold on the road side was less than ideal to say the least. His riding partners had bigger tanks or bikes that got much better fuel mileage. He was always the guy in the group that was low on fuel; it was frustrating and inconvenient.

Since the new Honda Africa Twin was officially announced in early 2015, it’s created quite a stir in the adventure bike community. Boosting a great list of features and specs this bike seems ready to conquer the ADV world! However, as the saying goes, “When you’re exploring, you can never have too much water unless you’re drowning or enough gas unless you’re on fire!”. 

We can’t help you with the water but we definitely can with the fuel. Placed on the left side of the bike, opposite of the exhaust will sit your Camel Tank. Occupying otherwise useless space, it adds 6 litres (1.5 gal) of fuel to your capacity. That's 100-150km (for most riders) of fun before you need to start looking for a fuel station.

CT-ATX Pannier Compatibility:
This auxiliary tank kit is intend for use on bikes with no panniers or those using rackless soft bags such as Mosko Moto’s Reckless series, Giant Loop’s Siskiyou set-up or Endurostan Monsoon, etc.

1) If you are running the pillion pegs, you'll have to trim a bit off the pannier mounting spike on the left side peg mount as it contacts the tank otherwise.
2) Charcoal canister equipped bikes: We have not had the opportunity to complete an install on a canister equipped bike at this time. We can certainly give you some info on what should go where but we do not have install instructions for the CC equipped bikes at this time.



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