CRF1000L H/D LOW Tubeless 19"/17" Wheels-RRP 595

CRF1000L H/D LOW Tubeless 19"/17" Wheels-RRP 595
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CRF1000L H/D LOW Tubeless 19"/17" Wheels-RRP 595 CRF1000L H/D LOW Tubeless 19"/17" Wheels-RRP 595 CRF1000L H/D LOW Tubeless 19"/17" Wheels-RRP 595 CRF1000L H/D LOW Tubeless 19"/17" Wheels-RRP 595 CRF1000L H/D LOW Tubeless 19"/17" Wheels-RRP 595 CRF1000L H/D LOW Tubeless 19"/17" Wheels-RRP 595 CRF1000L H/D LOW Tubeless 19"/17" Wheels-RRP 595

We have designed, developed and manufactured our own LOW-HEIGHT  heavy-duty, tubeless spoked wheels for the new Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin and Adventure Sports models, both manual & DCT versions, based on our rally & adventure experiences.


These slightly smaller 19" front and 17" rear, compared to the 21" front and 18" rear fitted as standard, will reduce the seat height by approximately 15-20mm compared to stock.

They also give a huge improvement in choice off tubeless road/adventure tyre choice, compared to the OEM 21"/18" wheels, along with an improvement in road handling and cornering.

The slightly wider front 19" tyre will still fit within the OEM front fender area.

There is no need to make any modifications to the suspension height or side stand length.

These are a big improvement over the tubed OEM versions, as we prefer to run tubeless tyres on an adventure motorcycle of this size, as repairing punctures can be much easier than those with inner tubes fitted.

The OEM Honda wheels, which use plated steel spokes and nipples, have had corrosion problems so we have addressed this by only using stainless steel heavy duty spokes and plated brass nipples.

Both front and rear hubs are manufactured from 6082T6 billet aluminium alloy, and black anodised for a durable finish.

Total weight of our wheel sets are 0,5kg more than OEM wheels due to wider and thicker alloy rims.

Benefits of our wheel kit:

  • Rear hub is designed to work with the OEM cush drive and rubbers.
  • Rear rim is slightly wider, 17"x4,25 rather than the narrower 18"x4.00 OEM rim, to give a broader choice of tubeless tyres. Our rear hub/rim is 36 spoke pattern, rather than the OEM 32 spoke design, much stronger and resistant to flex.
  • Hubs supplied with bearings & seals, the front hub uses oversize bearings, same as the OEM rear,(because the OEM front hub has smaller bearings than the CB500X), to give more strength, and less spare parts to be carried.
  • Both front & rear hubs designed to work with OEM discs.
  • The front hub is designed so that it is possible to move the ABS ring over to the opposite side, then turn the wheel round, to even out knobblie pattern tyre wear on long trips.
  • High-tensile "Bulldog" spokes are 33% larger cross section, and consequently 60% stronger tensile strength than the OEM plated mild steel spokes, plus they are corrosion-proof.
  • Nipples are nickel-plated brass, again, corrosion-proof, maintenance free.

To correct the speedometer reading, because of the change in rolling diameter of the smaller wheel sizes, we supply new ABS rings for both front and rear wheels, along with a new 41 tooth steel sprocket (1 tooth smaller than OEM), to correct the gearing that changes due to the smaller diameter of the 17" rear wheel. These modifications also allow for no changes to the traction control or power modes or ABS functions.

Both wheels are professionally sealed with a tubeless conversion by Bartubeless, with a 4 year warranty on each wheel.

Both rims are high-grade aluminium alloy, with tubeless "bump" for correct sealing.

The rim sizes are 19"x2,50 front and 17"x4.25 rear, 36 spoke hole pattern, and are available in either black or gold powder-coat.

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We prefer the powder-coat rather than anodising for the reason it is more durable, less resistant to marking when riding off-road, or changing tyres. And also they can be "touched up" with paint, if required, if they do happen to get damaged.

We have used these wheels for over 12 months now in rallies such as Illyria Rally, and with Rocky Mountain Adventure Bike Touring Company in Canada in order to prove our design and strength, and the Bartubeless conversion is something we have been using on our CB500X Adventure wheel kits for 3 years with zero problems.


Front 2.50x19" Rim           

110/80R19  59V TL  Conti Trail Attack 2/3      road : off road 80:20

110/80R19  59V TL   Conti TKC70                road : off road 60:40

110/80B19  59Q TL  Conti TKC80                road : off road 20:80

110/80R19 59V TL   Anlas Capra R             road : off road 60:40

110/80B19 59Q TL   Anlas Capra X             road : off road 20:80

NOTE: In some cases, the 110/80 x19 front tyre may just rub on the inside off the front fender down struts, this can either be corrected by warming the plastic and bending it slightly, or leave it and the tyre edge will remove the plastic protrusion quickly when riding. The interference is less than a millimetre or so.

Rear 4.25x17" Rim

150/70 R17  69V TL Conti Trail Attack 2/3       road : off road 80:20

150/70 R17  69V TL  Conti TKC70                 road : off road 60:40

150/70 B17  69Q TL  Conti TKC80                 road : off road 20:80

150/70 R17  69V  TL  Anlas Capra R             road : off road 60:40

150/70 B17  69Q  TL  Anlas Capra X             road :off road 20:80


All tyres are tubeless but can be fitted with a tube if required.

Most road going tyres are of radial construction giving higher performance on the Tarmac. They carry higher speed rating of V which equals 240kmh.

Most off-road tyres are cross ply biased construction with both flexibility and strength for off road applications. They carry a lower speed rating of Q which equals 160kmh.

All tyres have the same load rating of 59 front and 69 rear equating to 243kg and 325kg respectively.

Winter Fitment tyres are also available for these 19" & 17" wheels:


110/80 R19 59V TL  Anlas Winter Grip 2   Winter Road Fitment


150/70R17 69V TL  Anlas Winter Grip 2   Winter Road Fitment


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