BMW R1200GS Adventure Shock Absorber *FRONT* for (2006-2013) Typ *Extreme* RRP 610

BMW R1200GS Adventure Shock Absorber *FRONT* for (2006-2013) Typ *Extreme* RRP 610
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BMW R1200GS Adventure Shock Absorber *FRONT* for (2006-2013) Typ *Extreme* RRP 610 BMW R1200GS Adventure Shock Absorber *FRONT* for (2006-2013) Typ *Extreme* RRP 610

Touratech Suspension 01-044-5872-0

The Touratech Suspension Extreme shock absorber ranks in the absolute premium class of suspension components. This Extreme shock absorber for the BMW R1200GS Adventure is perfectly suited to touring and riding with frequent dramatic changes in loading and riding conditions, and the most extreme demands. The Extreme shock absorber is fitted with a position sensitive damping system (PDS), which utilises a second damping piston to provide hydraulic protection against bottoming out. Even fully laden with luggage under the most extreme off-road conditions, the bike will not bottom out and the shock absorber is protected against mechanical overload. Damping characteristics change depending on the road surface. When riding under most conditions, the shock absorber is comfortably adjusted for a less strenuous ride, before the PDS kicks in for the last portion of the shock absorber stroke.

For you, this means that the Extreme adjustment range can accommodate any luggage volume from a tail bag to a fully loaded luggage system and/or pillion passenger. You can easily and quickly restore the bike's balance via a hand wheel that adjusts the spring preload. The very fine damping adjustment on the external reservoir lets you adjust the suspension effectively and precisely to suit your personal riding style at any time, on any condition of road, and for any purpose – whether motorways, main roads, winding country lanes, off-road sections, long-distance travel with lots of luggage or for a snappy, daring riding style. 
Length adjustment rounds out the premium specifications of our Extreme shock absorber. The 8 mm adjustment range lets you make fundamental adjustments to the balance of your motorbike to allow for modifications such as different wheel sizes.

Facts at a glance:

=> This shock absorber is configured and adjusted ready for use based on our experience with the BMW R1200GS Adventure.
=> The parameters are: vehicle weight / shock absorber pivot point / design constraints / test rides.
=> This shock absorber is designed for a rider's weight including luggage of up to 100 kg.
=> Shock absorber length adjustable by 8 mm (- 2 mm / + 6 mm). This shock absorber can also be modified for special conversions, e.g. smaller road wheels.
=> As with all suspension solutions, the rear and front of the motorbike should be modified together.
=> In this case, the matching component for the front of the BMW R1200GS Adventure is the
=> Touratech Suspension *front* shock absorber for BMW R1200GS ADV >2006 type *Level1* 01-044-5877-0 RRP 607
=> If only one component is changed, optimal handling will not be achieved.
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