Golan Super Mini Filter RRP 383

Golan Super Mini Filter RRP 383
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Genuine Super Mini Filter produced by Golan Products in USA.

The OEM filter inside the KTM fuel injector is 20 microns and prone to blocking due to it's small area.

These re-usable filters are 10 micron and have a much bigger area, so even when they have trapped debris, they can still flow enough fuel for the motor to perform correctly.

Filter Element: Designed and engineered for the aerospace industry, for rugged, high temperatures, and extreme filtration environments, made of pleated, 304 stainless steel, 10 micron (.000392"), 1.000” Diameter. Totaling four square inches of effective filtration area, mini/super mini filter provides a maximum flow of 6 gallons per minute simultaneously with no restriction. Filter elements are washable and reusable indefinitely, cleaned easily with air or soluble rinse.

Just install them in line with the arrow pointing in direction of flow

Fitted with 5/16"(8mm) barbed ends

Golan Products Pt.No. 70-312G

Clips available see RRP 394

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