Honda CRF250/300L/Rally Level 2 Fork Cartridge-RRP 748

Honda CRF250/300L/Rally Level 2 Fork Cartridge-RRP 748
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Honda CRF250/300L/Rally Level 2 Fork Cartridge-RRP 748


LEVEL 2 fork kit (250 mm travel) - suitable for both CRF300L/Rally and CRF250L/Rally




Our 250mm travel Open Cartridge Fork Kit has been developed in conjunction with our engineering partners TracTive Suspension in the Nederlands, and offers a range of spring rates and correspondingly improved damping characteristics to suit a wide range of all-terrain conditions - from on-road to off-road/trail, and longer-distance overland travel, where typically frequently changing load and terrain conditions are encountered. 

Our unique big-bore fork cartridge kit features a huge 35mm diameter body and piston (approximately 300% more surface area than the OEM piston) which offers a dramatic increase in oil flow for far more precise damping control under a wide range of conditions. 

Our billet aluminium machined fork caps incorporate external adjusters for both damping and spring preload, together with 4mm pressure-relief bleed screws (which can in turn be upgraded with quick-bleeder valves if desired). 

The Rally-Raid Products CRF Fork kit completely replaces the OEM internal components of the original forks - and utilises a specifically linear-wound spring in both legs (rather than just one in the right-hand side), together with our big-bore cartridge which replaces the original in the left

hand leg.  

Our unique fork kit is specifically designed for home DIY fit, with all necessary tools included to remove the original and install the new components.  

Key features include:

  • Pair of linear wound springs (one in each leg) with adjustable preload (10mm +/-) on each side. 
  • Choice of three [at the point of purchase] different spring rates to more closely match your ride requirements (see drop down menu for recommendations based on rider weight and style). 

Suggested rider/spring rates:   WEIGH YOURSELF WITH YOUR RIDING GEAR ON

  • Up to 75Kg - 3.6N/mm (‘comfort’ spring for lighter riders and/or modest speed trail riding conditions)
  • Up to 95Kg - 3.9N/mm (supplied as standard)
  • Over 95Kg - 4.2N/mm (for heavily laden or more aggressive off-road riding)

External adjuster (+/-) for our big-bore damping cartridge, which incorporates proportional valving between Compression (80%) and Rebound (20%) - featuring 18 clicks of adjustment. 

35mm diameter cartridge and piston for improved oil flow, damping control and response for a wide range of conditions. Our unique big-bore cartridge design also incorporates a PDS check-valve circuit for improved damping control and cushioning towards the end the stroke. 

Our fork kit comes complete with the dedicated tools required for you to safely remove the original internal components, and install the replacements - making it quick and easy to DIY fit at home. 

Benefits for the rider:

  • Improved grip, steering and braking performance from the front end, and a range of [stiffer than OEM] spring rates for enhanced on/off road performance and load support.PDS valving helps to cushion the end stroke in aggressive off-road conditions, and under hard braking in adverse conditions - allowing the ABS [where fitted] to work more efficiently.
  • Adjustable spring preload and damping control to further fine-tune the ride characteristics to your preference.
  • Simple direct replacement components and DIY fit to minimise down-time and any additional workshop/dealer costs.

Complete LEVEL 2 CRF fork kit includes:

  • Pair of linear wound fork springs (in choice of rates), and machined spring guides. Also included are a series of optional preload spacers adding up to a further 12mm of preload if required.
  • Single 35mm ‘big piston’ damping cartridge (with external adjuster) and PDS check-valve.
  • Pair of Billet aluminium anodised fork caps, with low-profile preload and damper adjusters, and air-bleed valves.
  • Includes dedicated tool kit for installation and servicing: fork cap pin-spanner, preload adjustment spanner (22mm hex), and spring compressor tool to remove OEM fork spring.

Please note: that while our LEVEL 2 250mm travel fork kit offers the same overall travel as the OEM specification, now you have the forks sprung with correct rate for your weight (ie. without the excessively soft sag of the OEM components) correspondingly you will have effectively raised your ride/seat height by around 30-40mm (depending on your personal sag preference) - in other words, you now have more of the total travel available than before, and a corresponding increase in seat height and ground clearance.

Note: Our CRF fork kit fitting is straight forward, but does require some basic knowledge of disassembly and suspension work. If you do not feel able/or have the facilities to do this at home, we recommend you contact a suspension specialist to perform the work for you.


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