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ICO Spare Parts
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ICO Rallye Thumb Switch RRP 052
Genuine ICO 3-Button Rallye Thumb Switch, for Rallye Max & Rallye Max-G, complete with cable ..
Ex VAT: £60.00
ICO Sensor Kit RRP 051
Genuine ICO Stainless Steel Threaded Sensor Kit. Complete with Sensor Cable and Velcro Strap...
Ex VAT: £43.05
ICO VR Battery Cable RRP 232
Genuine ICO power cable,with OEM connector plug fitted,to connect to 12 volt supply. ..
Ex VAT: £27.45
GPS Receiver for ICO Rallye CAP RRP 428
Genuine replacement GPS Reciever Kit from ICO Racing USA. To fit ICO Racing Rallye CAP RRP 38..
Ex VAT: £81.11
ICO Rally Plastic Back Clamp-RRP 678
Replacement plastic back clamp for both ICO Rallye Max & Rallye Max-G. ICO Pt. No. ICO010..
Ex VAT: £12.00
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