Yamaha T7 Adventure Open Cartridge Fork Kit-RRP 616

Yamaha T7 Adventure Open Cartridge Fork Kit-RRP 616
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Yamaha T7 Adventure Open Cartridge Fork Kit-RRP 616
Our own Aventure Open Cartridge Fork Kit has been developed specifically to take your Yamaha T7 Tenere on overland travels with frequently and heavily changing load and terrain conditions. Our Open Cartridge, designed and developed in conjuction with Tractive Suspension in the Nederlands, brings the front of the Yamaha T7 Tenere to the next level of driving pleasure and performance.
• Fully adjustable for fork spring preload, rebound and compression damping control.
• 35mm piston for improved oil flow, damping performance, feel and response time
• Supplied with linear fork springs to match the rider weight.
• Hard anodised CNC machined aluminium components to give optimum performance, reduce friction and make servicing simpler and less frequent.
It has the same 200mm travel as the OEM fork, but with a much higher performance and adjustability, utilising a 35mm diameter piston (the largest size on the market), rather than the OEM 20mm diameter piston, this allows for much larger diameter shims, giving 270% more surface area, and a much more progressive shim feeling due to increased oil flow.
Compared to our Closed-Cartridge Fork Inserts, these offer a less expensive option, which are much easier to service and set up, perfect for the average adventure rider.

Benefits for the rider:
Any luggage volume - from rear bag to loaded luggage system and/or pillion - will be compensated by the adjustment ranges of  rebound and compression level.

Much improved braking performance, and cornering grip, due to much enhanced fork action under load.

It was designed to adress the shortcomings of the OEM fork, but without adding large cost for the owner,  whether you drive on motorways, main roads, smaller country roads, off-road tracks, whether you are on a long-distance travel with a huge luggage volume, the benefits are very noticeable.

If extremely heavy road conditions act on the front wheel, our own design of integrated "hydraulic endstop" (PDS) avoids mechanical impact on the fork. This improves braking, under adverse conditions, both on, and off-road, when ABS is used.

Supplied with linear-wound springs (polished), either 5,6Nm, 6,0Nm or 6,4Nm (depending on rider/passenger weight), coupled with CNC machined fixed plastic Spring Guides(incorporating our own PDS/check valve design) and high-strength thin-walled hard-anodised aluminium piston tube. 

Fork Spring choice (use drop-down box above):

Rider weight up to 75kg..................5,6Nm

Rider weight up to 95kg..................6,0Nm

Rider weight above 95kg................6,4Nm

These parts replace the OEM open cartridge completely, fork springs & fork caps.

Included in the Open Cartridge Kit is a pair of our Fork Preload Caps, these replace the OEM fork caps, whilst still retaining separate compression & rebound adjustment in the top, and offer up to 11mm of fork preload adjustment on each leg, to achieve the optimum sag settings in order to get the best performance both on, and off-road.

By simply turning the centre 22mm hex, using spanner provided, each turn can add, or remove 1mm of preload.

Simple, and straightforward to fit, a special pin spanner is provided to fit, and remove the caps.

Hard anodised black aluminium outer, with stainless-steel internals.

Plastic spacers (4 x 5mm & 2 x 2mm thickness) are included for extra preload, if required, up to 12mm extra preload per cap.

You will experience a completely new driving sensation with your motorbike.

The basic setup is adapted to demanding adventure riders with luggage.

Contents of kit:

- 2x Fork Preload Caps(inc spanners)
- 2x Open Cartridge Fork Inserts
- 2x Plastic Spring Guides (with PDS check valve)
- 2x Linear Fork Springs

-1 litre Motorex 5W Low Friction Racing Fork Oil


Fitting is straightforward, but does require a basic knowledge of suspension work, if not, please use a suspension specialist or workshop.

If you do not have access to a battery impact driver, or air gun, to remove the compression adjuster in the bottom of the fork leg, then we recommend purchasing our Fork Cartridge Tool, RRP 660, in order to make removal of the OEM fork cartridge simple.


Fork spring length 435mm



Tractive Pt.No. 35YA19-D2313-RR

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