Yamaha T7 Lowering Links 20mm-RRP 637

Yamaha T7 Lowering Links 20mm-RRP 637
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Laser-cut stainless-steel link arms, 6mm thick, slightly longer than stock, to lower seat height by approximately 20mm.

Easy and quick to fit.

These will also reduce rear wheel travel by the same amount, and may cause the rear tyre to contact the underside of the rear fender, under extreme conditions.

If the OEM shock spring is still fitted (which tends to be too soft for most riders), and the Static Sag is more than the recommended 20mm, then fitting the Lowering Links may make the motorcycle sit more upright when on the side stand, and make it slightly more difficult to pull up onto the centre stand.


How to decide which lowering link you need?

If you can find a stock T7 to sit in, then put a piece of 20mm (3/4")wood on the floor either side, below the footrest area, then sit on the saddle as normal and see if you can touch the woodwith your feet easily, if not, add another thickness, this will tell you if you need 20mm or 40mm lowering links.

We recommend sliding the forks through the triple clamps by 10mm to compensate for lowering the rear of the bike.





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