Yamaha T7 Uprated OEM Shock Spring-RRP 627

Yamaha T7 Uprated OEM Shock Spring-RRP 627
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The OEM Yamaha T7 shock spring fitted to the KYB shock is only 70N/mm spring rate, so for most riders over 65-70kgs, with no allowance for extra luggage or passenger, it will not give the correct sag settings required for adventure riding, which is 10% static(no rider) & 30% with rider, (20mm & 60mm respectively) based on the OEM shock stroke of 200mm.
We can offer up to 95N/mm linear-wound springs, allowing for rider, passenger & luggage to travel in comfort.
Also included is a pair of tough, plastic adaptor rings, to allow the fitment of the thicker coil heavier shock springs to the OEM Yamaha T7 shock  which has a hydraulic preload adjuster.
The 10mm stroke of the HPA (hydraulic preload adjuster) can allow for approximately 60kg of additional load, either extra rider, passenger or luggage weight, whilst still adhering to the 60mm rider sag settings recommended.
Select the appropriate spring, from the drop-down menu above, based on rider, passenger & luggage loads below:
Rider(up to 75kg, inc clothing) with max 50kg luggage.................................................80N/mm
Rider(up to 85kg, inc clothing) with max 50kg luggage.................................................85N/mm
Rider(up to 95kg, inc clothing) with light passenger and/or 15kg luggage..................90N/mm
Rider(up to 105kg, inc clothing) with passenger and/or 30kg luggage.........................95N/mm
NOTE: If fitting lowering links, add 10% to rider weights for 20mm link, and 15% for 40mm links, to compensate for changes in rising-rate geometry.
The suspension design of the new Yamaha Tenere 700 is based on an UNI TRAK linkage. This linkage is designed to allow easy movements in the beginning of the stroke and fast movements at the end. So this linkage system is designed to be progressive. The bump stop on the shock absorber shaft provides an additional progressive effect. The original spring on the Yamaha Tenere 700 is designed for maximum 70 kg weight, so in most cases too soft. Therefore we recommend to use harder, linear springs.
Why linear springs?
The linkage is already progressive enough. So there is no functional need for progressive springs. On the other hand the linear springs have advantages over progressive springs:
A) Linear springs do not go coil bound so they are linear all the way. No matter the preload.
B) Because the springs do not go coil bound, the lifetime of linear springs is longer.
C) Because the springs do not go coil bound, the coating does not crack leaving the wire unprotected.
D) Most progressive springs have two distinct springrates. The switching point from soft to harder can be noticeable during riding.
E) The switching point is moving when you add or decrease preload. More preload means the switching point will come in sooner.
F) Progressive spring are in most cases heavier.
Note: do not forget, when changing springs to another springrate, you have to adjust also the compression and rebound one or two clicks. (close is clock wise rotated).Doing this extra click you are sure that the shock damping and spring force are matched to one another.
Spring Free Length 235mm


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