Yamaha T7 Adventure Shock-RRP 618

Yamaha T7 Adventure Shock-RRP 618
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Yamaha T7 Adventure Shock-RRP 618 Yamaha T7 Adventure Shock-RRP 618 Yamaha T7 Adventure Shock-RRP 618 Yamaha T7 Adventure Shock-RRP 618

This high quality adventure-style TWIN PISTON PDS rear shock, designed and manufactured exclusively for Rally Raid Products by Tractive Suspension in the Netherlands, has been specifically designed to improve rider comfort, load-carrying capability, and giving increased performance and adjustability under off-road, and on-road conditions, and is supplied complete with Hydraulic Preload Adjuster, enabling up to 10mm of preload adjustment at the turn of a knob, perfect for Overland and Adventure travelling, where changes in passenger & luggage loads are needed quickly to optimise suspension performance.


For maximum benefit from the Tractive Extreme shock it is recommended to also fit our Open Cartridge Fork Kit (RRP 616) or our Closed-Cartridge Fork Kit (RRP 625), but by no means compulsory, it will work fine with the OEM forks.

It uses our own CAD designed shock body top, to give the correct clearance between the t7 airbox and frame, as well as allowing easy access to the MX-style high & low speed compression adjusters.

Tractive Suspension utilizes only the best materials, top suppliers and highest available technologies in all of the Suspension Products. All basic components are manufactured from the highest quality aluminum alloys or stainless steel. The piston rods are made from CrMo alloy to achieve the best possible strength and ductility at the lowest possible weight. Springs are wound from the most superior material available on the market featuring lightest weight at longest life. 

Tractive shocks are based on 4616 system, meaning a piston diameter of 46 mm and a piston rod of 16mm. Dimensions that guarantee a perfect balance between performance, endurance and adjustability.

It can be fitted with no other modifications to the bike being required, and offers several improvements over the OEM shock.

These Shock Absorbers have been tested in extreme adventure conditions.

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Spring Rate Guidelines


Rider weight (including clothing)

Total  -85kg

Std Spring 80nm

Rider weight (including clothing and light luggage 15kg)

Total 85-105kg

Harder Spring 85nm

Rider weight (including clothing, passenger & light luggage 15kg)

Total 105kg-up

Hardest Spring 90nm


They are supplied with the following features as standard:

1. OEM wheel travel 200mm.

2. Tractive Suspension's own PDS2 (Position Dependent Damping System) is incorporated into this high-spec body.Their unique design utilises a smaller,second piston spaced on top of the main body piston.Then, as the shock absorber stroke is reduced,under compression,the smaller PDS piston enters into its own housing,which gives an increased damping resistance,without overloading the shock mechanically,as the oil pressures involved are substancially lower than other PDS systems.

This ensures that under extreme compression,such as big jumps,whooped out tracks or heavily laden with luggage,the bottoming-out of the shock absorber is eliminated,and offers progressive damping all through the stroke.

3. High and Low-Speed compression adjustment,with MX-style slotted adjusters,for easy changes to settings using only a slotted screwdriver.

4. Rebound damping adjuster.

5. Tractive Suspension's own 80Nm rear spring is supplied as standard,but can be fitted with either 85Nm or  90Nm,depending on rider weight and motorcycle specification when ordering.

6. Tractive's own hydraulic preload adjuster,which can adjust the preload on the rear spring by up to 10mm with the simple turn of a remote knob.

This can give the rider the easy option of adjusting the preload on the rear shock absorber to cope with the regular changes in the bike load that they can expect when using the Yamaha T7 Tenere as an all-round overland bike,such as changes in luggage,pillion and fuel weights,along with changes in surface conditions,from tarmac road right up to extreme off-road riding,without using any special tools.

7. Full 2-year warranty on all parts.

Rally-Raid Products Ltd are the UK distrubutor for Tractive Suspension, and also their nominated Service Agent in the UK, with all neccesary tools and equipment to offer buyers a complete technical service and repair facility. This includes stocking all genuine Tractive Suspension shock absorber spare parts, along with their own design of vacuum pump, to enable the shock to be bled 100% when re-filling with oil.

Supplied with new, longer cnc-machined hardened-steel lower shock bolt, as the alloy mounting fork on our shock is slightly thicker, for more strength, and is fitted with steel bushes to give improved location and durability, rather than the OEM bolt which runs directly in the aluminium fork. 

Each shock absorber is dyno-tested for accurate performance before despatch at the Tractive Suspension factory.

Tractive Pt.No. 46YA19-T5513-X01-RR (PA fitted)




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